Our approach to each and every PR project is simple.  With a super straight-forward four-step plan, we don’t mess around in hitting the ground running and getting the job done for you.  From taking the time to get to know you and shining a light on your brief so we really understand what it is you want to achieve, to using data and other information to enlighten our strategies, the lightbulb moment occurs when it all comes together with a clear plan of action and the delivery of a communications campaign with creative spark.

And when it comes to the tactics of your communications campaigns, we super-charge our efforts by utilising paid, earned, shared and your owned platforms.  We help you to amplify your key messages so you can engage with the people that matter most to your business, at the right time and in the right way.

Think of it like a circuit; you need to have everything in place to help the energy flow in order to illuminate the lightbulb.  It’s the same when it comes to PR and communications. Through research, insight and proper planning, we connect all the points on the circuit to help you shine.  And we’re not just after a bit of a wimpy flicker here or a light that dims quickly either. No – through regular evaluation, we’ll let you know exactly what we’ve achieved for you and just how strongly your lightbulb is shining against the measurement matrixes that matter to you most.