Times are changing. Through the convergence of communications, there are so many opportunities for brands and businesses doing PR properly. That’s what we do; we’re the conduit between our clients and their customers, helping them to engage effectively with their audiences.  

We use the very latest tools, trends and techniques to put you in the spotlight, helping you to shine above and beyond your competitors, so you can communicate with the right people, at the right time and in the right way.  We’re all about bright ideas, designing and delivering communications campaigns with a creative spark, enlightened by data-driven strategies, which ultimately help to benefit your business.  

As members of the CIPR, we also adhere to a Code of Conduct and invest in our own Continuing Professional Development, meaning we’re committed to maintaining the highest professional standards and providing you with a top-notch service.



Stop the press. Hold the front page. The media is dead. Well actually, no it’s not. While print newspapers may be in decline, these media outlets actually perform really well online. That’s why we’re skilled at identifying the right journalists and publications for you, building relationships with them, to help your stories make it into the news, all while working to a strategic and well-planned editorial schedule that communicates your key messages effectively.



You don’t need to be a journalist to share stories these days.  Bloggers play just as a vital role in a business’ PR plan as the mainstream media.  Working with bloggers is our bread and butter – they often have a great following online and are highly engaged within communities relevant to their area of interest. We help to place your stories online and products in the blog posts of these influencers, so that the reach of your key messages goes way beyond that of a traditional newspaper and straight to the centre of a highly-targeted online community.



It was billed as the next big thing and social media certainly didn’t disappoint.  So much so, Facebook now has more than 1.65 billion monthly active users – a community greater than the population of China. We can help you to be part of online conversations, engaging with communities across the relevant social media channels that are right for you and your brand, helping you to share your key messages with the people that matter most to your business.



Don’t keep pushing messages out there in the hope that your audience will find them when you can pull these people in to you with engaging content. So many people can publish information, articles and other stories online today, and brands are no different.  We can help you to share your key messages and engage with your audience through creating original content that is optimised to perform well in search, making your business more visible and attractive to your audience.



Whether they’re simply browsing and happen to stumble across you or are actively seeking you out, audiences searching online rarely keep looking beyond the first page or two of results.  That’s why every piece of content we create for you – whether it’s a press release or a blog post and everything in between – we ensure it is optimised to perform well in organic Search Engine Optimisation results.  Then, with a little bit of website wizardry, we can demonstrate to you exactly how our PR efforts are benefitting your business, from driving traffic to your website to conversions into sign ups and sales.



But wait, there’s more.  Through our network of super-duper skilled and highly trusted suppliers, we have the luxury of operating a truly flexible, agile and well-oiled machine.  Need to scale up the resource on your PR and communications team ahead of a big launch? No problem.  Looking for video or photography to sit on your new website? We’ve got it. Speaking of websites, looking for someone to design and build it for you? Don’t worry. At Filament PR, we can bring in the people you need to create a bloomin’ good bespoke team to help you get the job done while keeping the costs down.